Ansaldo STS Joining Hitachi’s Social Innovation Forums

Social Innovation forum in Milan, Italy

The importance of the event, attended by more than one thousand visitors, was linked to the extraordinary nature of products that have opened the door to a future that already exists. The members of Hitachi family showcased the most advanced products and technologies available on the market, or under development, which will quite for sure change the lives course for many millions of us across the world. During the event, Ansaldo STS presented a video to explain the complexity of the company: design, operational and economic activities:


Social Innovation Forum in Brisbane, Australia

More than 200 people attended the event, held to improve understanding of Hitachi’s Social Innovation activities in Australia. The topic of the session concerned "Strategic drivers of innovation in Ansaldo STS and Hitachi". An Innovation showcase was also featured, which included demonstrations of ASTS’ innovations in rail automation such as satellite-based signalling, along with a simulation of ETCS/ERTMS Level 2 systems.