Collective labour agreements

The total number of employees covered by national labour agreements, where this type of trade union negotiation is applicable, is shown below:

 2016 Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle EastWestern EuropeAsia Pacific
Executives 56 8 11 0 0 0
Middle mgmt 298 51 53 10 0 0
White collars 1,103 303 574 163 0 0
Blue collars 38 6 62 20 6 0
TOTAL 1,495 368 700 193 6 0

The percentage of employees covered by national labour agreements in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East is 100%, while in Western Europe it is 97.8%. The percentage is minimal in the Asia Pacific due to Ansaldo STS’s ongoing efforts to invest in a fair work environment with respect to the market. The data are not meaningful for the Americas and China as there are no national labour agreements in these areas.

Prior notice in the event of organisational changes

The adjustment of the organisational structure, along with the operating procedures that support it, is an ongoing and continuously evolving process that meets the similarly ongoing and continuously evolving scenario in markets where Ansaldo STS operates. In the event of particularly significant organisational changes, specific communications initiatives targeting broad categories of employees are envisaged to explain the reasons for the changes. Furthermore, in Italy the currently applicable national labour agreement provides for a specific meeting to inform the trade unions of decisions that have a material impact on labour organisation. A similar procedure is provided for in France, requiring a mandatory document to be sent to the work council explaining the reasons for the organisational change, followed by a meeting with work council representatives no later than 15 days after the document is sent.