Social dialogue

The relaxed relationship between Ansaldo STS and its employees is reflected by an extremely low rate of trade union disputes. This context often leads to the resolution of any issues with employees internally, with scarce recourse to intervention by trade unions, which, in any case, act in an environment of general cooperation. The only strikes declared have been due to general political and trade union issues, which have nothing to do with the Company.


At Group level, Ansaldo STS has reached formal agreements with the trade unions in the various countries concerned. In Central Europe and Western Europe, the agreements relate to, inter alia, work hours, remuneration and health and safety conditions in the workplace.

In Australia, trade union relations are extremely positive and the next 3-year Company contract is due to be negotiated soon.

In Malaysia there are no formal agreements and employees must only comply with the Employment Act of 1955 (which establishes that the number of hours worked per week may not exceed 48) and specific Acts passed by the Government with respect to health and safety.

In Italy, Ansaldo STS’s system for trade unions relationships is based on two levels of participation, given the fact that the Company has various operating sites scattered throughout Italy: 1. Strategic Observation; 2. National Coordination.

The system for trade unions relationships in Italy makes it possible to act upon the requests of the Company's workforce and improve the wellbeing of workers. In this context, in December 2017 trade unions presented a proposed platform for the supplementary second level agreement which will be discussed with the Company in 2018. The topics proposed, which will help to improve working conditions for employees, include the possibility of extending flexible working hours and the launch of a smart working trial.

Each month, in France, staff representatives may present individual or collective issues to their employers, in relation to the application of the law, regulations and collective agreements.

The system of trade union relationships at Ansaldo STS in Spain is based on the following: 1. strategic lines provided by Parent Company; 2. national coordination.