Protected categories

The policies for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workforce fall within the framework of a programme defined at European level with respect to social inclusion policies.

In Italy, Law no. 68/99 introduced the key concept of “targeted” employment, defined as “a set of technical and support tools which make it possible to adequately assess the working capacities of persons with disabilities and to recruit them for the most suitable position by analysing positions, forms of support, positive actions and solutions to issues related to environments, tools and interpersonal relations in the daily place of work and contact”. In particular, the quota of workers with disabilities required by law for Ansaldo STS S.p.A. is 7%.

The Company has reached agreements with labour centres for the hiring of people in protected worker categories. In 2017, one such person was hired, bringing the total number in the workforce to seven. The Company expects to hire more workers with disabilities in 2018.

The table below shows the total number and percentage of the workforce represented by people with disabilities in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle EastWestern EuropeCentral and Eastern Europe and the Middle EastWestern Europe
People with disabilities 55 20 6 9 60 21 5 7
% of total workforce 3,98% 6,04% 0,87% 5,03% 4,01% 5,71% 0,70% 3,61%


* This figure is not available for Asia Pacific, and Ansaldo STS has not hired any people with disabilities in China. Information on disabilities cannot be gathered in the US.

Furthermore, Ansaldo STS acknowledges the need for its employees to balance family life with their work commitments and offers flexible hours and part-time opportunities to personnel with children under 12 or family members with disabilities.