People care

The “People Care” concept has a broad application within Ansaldo STS and applies to employees’ wellbeing as both professionals and individuals. The basic concept is linked to the “Total Reward” strategy, based on tangible and intangible measures to improve staff satisfaction. It is no coincidence that “People” represents one of the Company’s five values in its identity: people are at the very heart of the Organisation, demonstrating the Company’s aim to create a working environment where employees can continuously gain experience, develop skills, forge relationships and find motivation.


Ansaldo STS’s focus on people can be first seen in the way it guarantees a comfortable and motivational working environment by actively supporting, through its corporate processes, relationships between managers and employees and relationships between colleagues. Furthermore, there are various support services available in different countries for both part time and full time employees and, in some cases, their families as well.

Flexible schedules, arrangements with entertainment and sports centres, benefits such as health insurance, employee scholarships, corporate welfare and celebrations of successful projects are some of the tools used.

Employee initiatives

Ansaldo STS follows an extensive policy to manage initiatives that support employees. This policy includes a series of benefits allocated and used on the basis of an employee’s professional position and the social and cultural customs in their respective countries. Below is a list and brief description of the main benefits and initiatives supporting employees under the Company’s policy.

Corporate Welfare

Ansaldo STS Italy provides a Welfare plan to its employees through a dedicated portal, “Easy Welfare”. In line with the provisions of the national labour agreement for the industry, offers numerous services and possibilities that have enabled beneficiaries to access the tax and social security benefits provided by current law. The contribution to the welfare plan offered to employees in 2017 was EUR 100 per employee, with a phase-in process that will reach EUR 150 in 2018 and EUR 200 in 2019.

Company health insurance

Ansaldo STS Italy offers its employees supplementary health insurance cover. These policies cover a wide range of medical needs (e.g. specialist examinations, hospitalisation, medical services, etc.) and vary according to each employee’s professional position (executives and middle managers, white and blue collars have different limits of indemnity). In 2017, in line with the provisions of the 26/11/2016 renewal of the Collective Labour Agreement for the Metal/Mechanics and Systems Installation Industry, all employees (excluding those on probation) received supplementary health insurance coverage for themselves, any physically dependent relatives and cohabitants. Employees may decide whether to take out these additional policies. Should they decide to do so, a monthly contribution is withheld from their payslips to cover part of the cost, while the Company bears the residual amount.

Ansaldo STS France offers a supplementary health insurance plan which covers employees and their families and which has been made mandatory through a Company agreement.

Ansaldo STS Australia has consolidated the agreement with Medibank Private and RT Health (a fund established in Australia to offer specific support to workers in the transport industry), providing access for employees to an excellent and comprehensive health plan at very competitive rates, as well as a range of special membership benefits such as shorter waiting times and free gifts.

Company accident insurance

Ansaldo STS Italy offers its employees insurance for work and non-work related accidents covering accidents both in the workplace and outside the workplace, for all employees, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The cost of this policy, which covers all employees, is fully covered by the Company. The same policy is offered in France, Australia and China to all white-collar workers. It is not offered in the US, as this kind of cover is included in the Company’s life insurance policy.

Salary continuance insurance

Ansaldo STS Australia offers salary continuance insurance to employees who work more than 15 hours per week. The policy provides for the assignment of 75% of their income for a maximum of two years if the employee is unable to work due to illness or injury.

Health checks

Ansaldo STS Italy offers executives the chance to have an annual medical check-up with the full cost covered by the Company. In China, these check-ups are offered to all employees. In Spain, the Company is contractually obliged to offer periodic health checks to all employees as this is an established workers’ right; similarly, all employees are required to see a doctor when it becomes necessary to assess the effects of working conditions, to establish whether the workers’ health could present a danger to themselves, to other workers or to other parties associated with the Company, or when otherwise provided for by law.

International travel insurance (e.g. Europe Ass)

In Italy, France, China, Malaysia, Australia and the US, Ansaldo STS offers an accident insurance policy covering any accidents or first aid and medical care (as well as luggage and personal item coverage) to employees working abroad (either on a business trip or under secondment). The costs of this policy are fully covered by the Company. Ansaldo STS China has also begun offering this policy.

Company Life Insurance

Ansaldo STS provides life insurance to its employees. The costs of this policy are fully covered by the Company. This policy is offered to Ansaldo STS executives in Italy and Spain, and to executives and all full-time employees in the US (Company life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment & LTD insurance). In France, in line with local legislation, a supplementary health insurance plan is in place which covers employees and their families, the conditions of which are specified in the Company agreement.

Company Car

Ansaldo STS Italy offers certain categories of employees’ access to company cars on a policy similar to a lease. The car may also be used for personal reasons and may be used by employees and their family members or close friends with prior notification to the Company. Employees pay a monthly contribution, while the Company pays the remaining amount. Company cars may be assigned to executives and middle managers with high profiles in Italy and Spain, and to Ansaldo STS executives in the US. They are also offered in France and China. In Australia, company cars are assigned to employees exclusively for business purposes, while key executives receive a car allowance as part of their remuneration package.

Fuel Allowance

Ansaldo STS Italy offers executives with company cars a fuel allowance up to an annual limit. The costs are fully covered by the Company.

Company Housing

Ansaldo STS offers housing to employees seconded in the medium to long-term. The cost of the housing is fully covered by the Company.

Corporate credit cards

Ansaldo STS Italy offers employees the possibility to obtain corporate credit cards linked to the employee’s bank account at special terms agreed by Ansaldo STS and the bank. The credit cards available to Ansaldo STS employees are Visa and American Express. The costs of Visa cards are fully covered by the Company, whereas employees contribute to a small portion of the costs charged by American Express. Ansaldo STS also offers its Italian employees the possibility to open current accounts under special terms with selected banks. Furthermore, bank branches and ATMs are located at some of the main offices of Ansaldo STS US, making it easier and more efficient for employees to access the main banking services. In Spain and Australia, credit cards are linked to the employees’ bank accounts and only offered to people who travel frequently for work to cover business expenses. In France, credit cards are also linked to employees’ bank accounts and are provided to all employees who require one to cover travel expenses.

Professional membership allowance

Ansaldo STS offers its employees the possibility of joining professional associations (e.g. Register of Engineers). The cost of membership is fully covered by the Company. This benefit is offered to executives of Ansaldo STS Italy and the entire workforce in the US, but is not provided to employees of Ansaldo STS France where the benefits are granted on a case-by-case basis. In Ansaldo STS Australia and China, the Company refunds membership costs to engineers and managers if they have been approved by HR. In Italy, the Company is carrying out a project with the Register of Engineers to organise training courses at its sites so employees can earn the credits needed for membership.

Canteen and break area service

Ansaldo STS Italy, France and US provide a canteen service at all main offices (e.g. Genoa, Pittsburgh, Les Ulis, Tito, etc.). In France, employees contribute to the canteen costs through deductions in payslips, whereas in the other offices services are paid for directly. This service is provided under special terms which are regulated by agreements between Ansaldo STS and the companies that operate the canteens. In Italy, meals are covered by the Company.

Travel Tracker: travel safe 

Ansaldo STS’s expansion in markets and its current organisational model require the presence of its personnel in many different countries, which often present challenging safety conditions and weak healthcare and welfare systems. To mitigate critical issues arising from travel and relocation abroad, Ansaldo STS has implemented a system at all sites to ensure adequate protection from outside events.

Recreation Centres

Ansaldo STS Italy employees have set up recreation centres, referred to as “CRAL”. These are a form of free association of workers and are structured as separate entities from the Company. Employees who join the CRALs pay a fee deducted from their payslip. Membership entails a contribution by the Company. CRAL members may participate in a number of activities (sports or other) and take advantage of discounts at partnering shops (bookshops, opticians, etc.).


Taking care of occupational health and well-being

In Australia, the creation of the Health and Wellbeing Committee has led to significant improvements in employees’ work-life balance. The Committee – a work group formed of volunteers from various departments and supervised by a local HSE manager and the vice chairman of HR – meets once a month to discuss initiatives and measures to improve employees’ wellbeing and, with the support of the Company (including the provision of a budget), promotes events and initiatives on health issues in connection with local traditions. Recently, the Health and Wellbeing Committee has reached new horizons, succeeding in offering employees at the Perth office access to a “silent room”, a space designed to be available to all employees at any time of the working day for use as a relaxation area. This room serves as a mixed faith silent space for silent prayer, meditation and yoga, a place to rest if feeling unwell and a space to perform first aid and annual skin and health checks. Meanwhile, employees at the Brisbane office have access to the “square”, a covered outdoor space just outside the office equipped with picnic tables at which to eat or read and a table tennis table for those who want to relax during their lunch break.


ASTS Australia - Main initiatives organized in 2017 by the Health and Wellbeing Committee 

  • R U OK ? (Brisbane / Perth / Karratha). Australian Day to raise awareness on the importance of mental health and to remind the importance of caring for each other’s wellbeing. The event in particular was designed to remind employees how dialogue with colleagues, friends and family can help to overcome difficulties.
  • National Harmony Day (Brisbane / Perth). Celebration of cultural diversity as a wealth of Australia. The employees joined together to share a series of traditional foods of the many cultures which make up the Ansaldo STS Australia’s workforce.
  • Work Life Balance (Brisbane / Perth / India / Malesia). Workshop organized by the Health and Wellbeing Committee in collaboration with the ASTS Academy on the reconciliation of life and work timelines.
  • White Ribbon Day. Awareness-raising initiative against women-related violence.
  • Social Day (Brisbane/Perth). Day in which employees and their families meet to enjoy each other's company away from the work place.
  • Morning Connections. Meetings every 15 days among staff groups from different departments for a morning tea.
  • Red Apple Day (Brisbane). Cancer awareness day.
  • Wear Red Day (Brisbane). Fundraising day for financing heart disease research.
  • Sun Cancer Skin Checks (Brisbane / Perth). Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. More than 50 employees underwent a medical check-up.
  • 5 minute seated massages (Brisbane / Perth). Employees that were interested were provided with 5 minute massages in order to improve their wellbeing at the workstation.
  • Bike to Work Day (Brisbane / Perth). Staff who were interested in fitness, health and wellbeing took part in Bike to Work Day.
  • Fitness Challenge. Staff were encouraged to walk, run, swim or cycle to reach the 1,000 km goal in 31 days.
  • City to Surf Fun (Perth/Brisbane). Employees from the two cities joined together to take part in the great Perth City to Surf Fun Run event.
  • Table Tennis Tournament (Brisbane / Perth).


Ansaldo STS India Social Committee

Ansaldo STS India Social Committee is an employee engagement initiative with an objective to plan, organize and implement social events for the company throughout the year. The idea was to bring more engagement and enthusiasm to the workplace, ensuring entertainment and participation in staff events, enriching employee interactions, networking between different office locations in India and much more.

The initiatives that have been organized are:

  • “Designathon ”, a forum for employees to demonstrate their designing and verification skills and to recognize the innovators. Eight teams across Bangalore, Noida & Kolkata participated in a challenge to design and verify a station. The objective was to act as faster, safer & without errors as possible, proposing the best possible solution within 36 hours. All eight teams did complete the task with innovative solutions.  The team with the best solution was recognized and rewarded.
  • “Green Ansaldo Vision”, green event derived from the idea to reach the maximum benefits from cultivated areas by creating more green areas in Ansaldo STS India office premises, in order to reduce Ansaldo STS India’s carbon.
  • Other initiatives: “International Women’s Day”; “Secret Santa Week”; “Office Christmas Party”; ”Annual Day”; “Leap Year Day“; ”ASTS Sports Day”; “Ganesh Mahotsav”; “Swache Ansaldo Green Initiative”; “Diwali Celebration”.