Human resource management policy

Ansaldo STS offers equal opportunities beginning with the recruitment process, ensuring equal treatment while considering individual skills and abilities.

Over the course of employment, Ansaldo STS undertakes to create and maintain the necessary conditions to further expand upon employees’ abilities and expertise on an equal opportunity basis, through a policy based on the recognition of merits and equal opportunities and the provision of specific refresher and specialisation courses. As such, employees are required to cultivate and draw on new expertise, abilities and knowledge, while executives and function heads must devote the utmost attention to enhancing and developing the professionalism of their workers.

In the pursuit of company objectives, workers must be aware that ethics are of immense value to the Company and accordingly, no conduct is tolerated that, although it may appear in the abstract to benefit Ansaldo STS, is in violation of the law, current regulations, the organisational, management and control model or the Code of Ethics.