In-house communications

The primary objective of Ansaldo STS’s internal communication is to involve all employees in order to connect people, establish departments, set processes in motion and interact with the systems by defining connections that give the Company added value. This involves gaining an understanding of what Ansaldo STS colleagues are doing around the world in order to better define future identity, priorities and goals, as part of a communication process aimed at reinforcing the sense of belonging and participation in order to achieve organisational well-being and the creation of a better work environment within a large network where knowledge and experience can be shared.


In-house communications are promoted through various activities: in-house communications campaigns to support the communications requirements of the various internal departments; meetings where colleagues have the opportunity to request additional information on topics of particular interest; the use of screens at office entrances, which are currently available at all Italian offices, where each day the Company publishes internal bulletins (campaigns by various departments to promote events or initiatives) and external notifications (press releases, stocks, weather reports, etc.). In 2018, the Company aims to install screens at its offices outside Italy. Finally, another important in-house communications management tool is the Intranet.

The Intranet

Use of the Intranet as a strategic internal and organisational communication tool has intensified considerably. Today Ansaldo STS is able to quickly share the most important corporate news throughout the Company.

In 2017, around 180 articles on corporate initiatives and the main successes of Ansaldo STS around the world were published, as well as the Hitachi newsletter and 14 notifications from Top Management. Specially, the articles are associated with a series of tags defined by theme, as shown below:

  • Events: articles about tradeshows, conferences, internal events.
  • The environment, health and safety: articles on the activities of the HSE body (certifications, safety training days, etc.).
  • Milestones: articles on activations, inaugurations.
  • Business: articles on the status or progress of projects.
  • Hitachi: newsletters, general information on the Hitachi Group.
  • CSR: articles about Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (charity initiatives, focus on the environment, etc.).
  • Top Management: communications from Top Management.
  • HR: articles on initiatives, programmes, communications from HR department.
  • Talent: articles on the “Talent” programme.
  • Daily life: articles on certain celebrations and activities carried out at offices around the world.
  • Other: articles on “extraordinary” themes (launch of the new website, participation by Ansaldo STS in social projects, etc.).


the new intranet


In December 2017 wave 2 of the Intranet went online, following a content restyling project and the addition of new functions.

The new interface offers a range of new features which, if properly used, will facilitate a more dynamic and effective use of the Intranet. In particular, the new features include a new email alert system to enable users to stay constantly up to date with the themes that interest them, a new layout for the IMS page and the creation of a new “Operational Alerts” section on the homepage which features announcements focusing on certain topics (IT, HR, Intranet, IMS, Events). Moreover, the homepage now includes a link to the corporate website “” to provide easier access for internal users.

Another new feature of the Intranet is the addition of a new “Regulations and Certifications” page in the “Our Knowledge” section. This section provides up-to-date information and enables users to consult or download the regulations or certifications issued to Ansaldo STS companies.

The new Ansaldo STS Insight section has also been added to the Intranet, offering information on Investor Relations activities in terms of financial communications, market research and business analysis.

Like all corporate tools, the Intranet allows to gain a more in-depth understanding of Company’s activities, the opportunities created within the Company and the new ways in which people can participate. It is a highly useful and effective tool which, when used well, can accelerate the process of searching for and acquiring information.


Ansaldo STS has a limited number of pending disputes that are managed through the courts; this is due to the policy to resolve conflicts on a daily basis, meaning that most complaints are settled without involving the labour courts.

Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle EastWestern Europe & North AfricaThe AmericasAsia Pacific  China
Total number of formal complaints concerning work practices, of which: 6 5   0 2 0
reported in 2017 4 1 0 1 0
resolved in 2017 0 3 0 1 0
Number of complaints reported before 2017 and resolved in 2017 3 3 0 0 0