Build the future, fuelling the present.

“Our industry is considered to play a key role in answering the demand for a better, smarter and safer mobility with a clear social and environmental responsibility”


2017 has been an important year and I am particularly pleased with the work of my team. I would like to thank all the staff for their effort in reaffirming the Company’s commitment to being a reliable partner to many of the major rail and transit authorities worldwide.

Key figures and achievements of the year confirmed the Company’s growth trend across all regions, its high level of competitiveness and strong delivery capabilities.

Ansaldo STS is unique in the business it conducts and the projects it delivers. Our industry is considered to play a key role in answering the demand for a better, smarter and safer mobility. At Ansaldo STS we are at the forefront of this challenge.

Being part of the Hitachi Group we have already been able to benefit from access to new exciting technologies maximizing the technical expertise aimed at supporting our established product. This helps us to widen our horizons and our business opportunities: we are heading towards multimodal solutions and a full service approach to Operations.

Our company is changing into a market of major project delivery. However the rail signalling market, core of what we deliver, calls for increasingly innovative, reliable and competitive solutions in terms of savings in costs, time and energy, in addition to safety and environmental impact.

We are particularly proud to be testing our innovative technology today, for which many statements of interest have already been received from infrastructure managers and rail operators both in Italy and in Europe due to the numerous benefits of this system.

Our future focus will be on integration and innovation in order to become a full provider of mobility solutions where the rail system is the key contributor, integrating information with other transport systems, leveraging its technological competitive advantages, and safety / security expertise.

We are working to develop new applications creating a solution package for smart utilizations. The use of Big Data and the Internet of Things helps to precisely pinpoint the position of a train on the line and to analyse the behaviour of travellers in order to better meet their actual needs. This trend is increasing a need of personalised offer. This is why Ansaldo STS took into consideration these topics within many areas of our activities, maintaining a clear Corporate Social Responsibility mission. Today, we continue following the principle and the possible future developments with the utmost care. 

We continue seizing the new opportunities by sharing the ethics and principles that have always characterised Ansaldo STS. Particularly with one vision of the Social Innovation mission and the awareness, as consequence of our work for the daily lives of millions of people, for their movements and for the transport of goods that everyone needs.

This is sustainability for social development, contributing with safe, efficient, reliable and ecologically compatible solutions, with direct relation between the existing major business and the well identified UN Sustainable Development Goals focusing on technical solutions in response to the user’s needs in increasingly complex and diverse contexts and lifestyles. For Ansaldo STS it means proactively explore and respond to business opportunities and risks for future growth. Our strategy is to develop a responsible corporate activity in an innovative business, by addressing the issues and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, through shared and concrete initiatives. 

All of this is possible thanks to our customers, colleagues, shareholders, partners and all the stakeholders, which I thank for this great effort.

This is why we continue to share this vision both outward and within our company, to create opportunities for gaining knowledge about us and the development of our human resources. We continue providing priority support to the business through consolidation actions that increasingly strengthen the potential of our company, which has now become a certainty in an ever more complex and evolving market.


Andy Barr

Chief Executive Officer
and General Manager of Ansaldo STS