The selection process

The supplier vetting and assessment process entails the following stages, in accordance with the procedures established for the management of this process.


Il processo di selezione


Ansaldo STS’s Procurement department vets potential suppliers of materials, service providers and, in particular, suppliers of packages/subcontractors, with the support of other company departments (Engineering, Administration and Finance, Legal Affairs, Quality, HSE and Construction). Throughout the entire assessment process, Ansaldo STS verifies that suppliers meet requirements in order to approve them and include them in the list of eligible suppliers for specific goods categories; suppliers registered to the list may then be issued with purchase orders. Depending on the importance of the product types, the assessment methods used range from a simple analysis of the documents requested and received from the supplier to the preparation of assessment reports following an inspection of the supplier’s site. The following departments may request the inspection:

  • the Procurement department, for a more reliable assessment of strategic suppliers;
  • other departments, when they do not have enough information;
  • the Quality department, when the assessment of the supplier’s organisational system, quality management system or overall capabilities is not sufficient considering the type and importance of the supply. The assessment team examines the various business areas depending on the type of purchase (materials, services, packages, etc.), on the basis of the required processes (design, supply, assembly, etc.) and, finally, on the basis of their importance.