Eligibility criteria

Drawing on the technical and specialised expertise of the company bodies concerned, the Supplier Qualification and Monitoring department assembles the assessments of potential suppliers prepared by the departments involved in the qualification process according to highly detailed requirements that fall under the following categories:

  • financial position and results;
  • management, sales and logistics organisation;
  • production potential and technical expertise;
  • whether it has quality management systems certified by accredited bodies, giving priority to companies with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certification;
  • whether it has environmental management systems and health and safety management systems certified by accredited bodies;
  • its willingness to be inspected;
  • whether it has been endorsed by the Italian Railway Network or other bodies;
  • the identification and traceability of production lots.

Since 2012, the part of the eligibility process entailing the gathering of the above subset of information has been extended to the bidding procedure as well, with the subsequent advantage of reducing the time needed to complete the process once the supplier has been selected.

With a view to continuous improvement, organisational changes have been implemented and the process has been fine-tuned.

150 audits were performed in 2017 on the most important qualified suppliers and 1,300 new suppliers were qualified.


In the United States, it is common practice for customers to require the mandatory allocation of a percentage of the contract to DBEs (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises), which are regulated by federal and state departments. Each DBE must be certified by the relevant Transit Authority.

To meet its contractual obligations in the US, Ansaldo STS has identified and vetted various DBEs with which it may now operate in order to meet the quota required by the contractual targets.

In general, this includes training employees of DBEs to carry out the work usually performed by Ansaldo STS employees in line with labour standards.