Health and safety

Ansaldo STS is very mindful of the health and safety of all its employees and of their safety while travelling for work purposes. It has therefore implemented a specific policy for business travels.


The Travel Security policy was implemented to minimise the exposure of its international business travellers and assignees to medical and security risks. Its objectives are:

  • to identify, manage and reduce all current and emerging risks related to working abroad, in accordance with the provisions of the Consolidated Safety Act and Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 2001;
  • to inform and train workers about potential risks in carrying out work abroad;
  • to develop appropriate countermeasures to continuously monitor and manage accepted risks;
  • to require each employee to comply with the risk mitigation measures set by Ansaldo STS;
  • to ensure access to adequate assistance in the event of medical and safety emergencies for all international business travellers and assignees of Ansaldo STS;
  • to maintain awareness of the risk levels for travel health and safety in the countries where Ansaldo STS sends its travellers. 

The Company Health and Safety in the Workplace policy is based on the application of the requirements of relevant standards, namely OHSAS 18001:2007, and other international standards, regarding compliance with national and international regulations. Ansaldo STS develops a plan focused on continuously improving health and safety standards.

In terms of health and safety, Ansaldo STS undertakes to:

  • ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and prevent injuries, illnesses or damage to the health of employees, suppliers, customers and visitors;
  • extend the OHSAS 18001 certification to all Ansaldo STS sites, continuously improving the effectiveness of the health and safety in the workplace management system;
  • continuously improve the aforementioned management systems’ performance, not only with respect to the prevention of injuries and work-related illnesses, but also in terms of more general employee wellbeing;
  • adopt risk assessment criteria for all dangers relating to work activities which, in compliance with national and international legislation, also consider best practices;
  • increase the training and updating of all employees in order to make them more aware of the risks related to their activities;
  • continue developing activities to promote a culture of safety among all suppliers and concerned parties.

This policy is shared with all Ansaldo STS personnel and all concerned parties online and via the company Intranet.