The commitment of Ansaldo STS: the four strategic objectives

  1. Application of Environmental Management Systems recognised at the international level to the entire Organisation, inspired by the principle of continuous improvement and the definition of environmental indicators to measure the environmental performance of the Organisation.

    • Annual preservation of the ISO 14001 certifications.
    • Rationalisation and simplification of the certifications in the various organisational areas.
  2. Reporting to citizens, institutions and other stakeholders on the management and environmental performance of the Company.
    • Publication of the Sustainability Report and open access given to the key environmental parameters. 
    • Communication with analysts and participation in various Sustainability indices.
  3. Promotion of sustainable environmental practices with suppliers, contractors and customers.
    • Use of environmental performance-based supplier qualification criteria.
    • Informative/training meetings on the important environmental aspects at the commencement of works through the diffusion of the Environmental Policy and exploring the ways in the impacts generated by the activities carried out (waste, emissions, discharges, etc.) are to be managed.
    • Assessment of the suppliers based on the environmental performance of the activities carried out on Ansaldo STS’s behalf.
  4. Observance of the legal obligations of compliance and voluntary commitments
    • Ensure that the activities are carried out in compliance with said obligations and commitments.
    • Assess observance of the subscribed obligations and commitments.
    • Correct any non-conformities on observance of subscribed obligations and voluntary commitments.

To this end, Ansaldo STS has adopted an environmental policy based on the application of UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 requirements, other relevant international standards and compliance with applicable domestic and international legislation, developing a programme focused on the continuous improvement of environmental standards. This policy is shared with all Ansaldo STS personnel and all concerned parties online and via the Company Intranet13.