Polluting emissions

For Ansaldo STS, polluting emissions relate to the consumption of non-renewable resources used to run thermal plants (methane and diesel) and to the production processes that emit volatile organic and inorganic compounds, and heavy metals.

SOx (Kg) 54.9 44.3
NOx (Kg) 1,519.1 1,367.9
CO (Kg) 4,216.2 3,727.7
PM 10 (Kg) 76.6 66.2
Volatile organic compounds (Kg) 429.0 1,012.4
Volatile inorganic compounds (g) 3.6 11.8

15 Emissions are calculated using the coefficients issued by the European Environmental Agency (Air Pollutant Inventory Guidebook 2016). Emissions in 2016 were calculated according to these coefficients.