Consumption of raw materials and other resources

Ansaldo STS is aware of the contribution that each company can give to safeguarding the world’s resources by adopting policies to reduce the intensive use of raw materials, an objective promoted by the OECD Council and in the sustainability strategies of many nations.

It is however difficult to make a reliable estimate of the raw materials used by the Company and contained in the electronic and electromechanical components for making signalling equipment. This is due to the fact that considerable and substantially diversified types of small parts (electric cables, screws, bolts) and accessories (boards, monitors, inductive connections, light signals, cabinets) are needed for production.

Moreover, the making of the product can follow different paths: complete production inside the plants - from the printed circuit to the finished circuit board, or from the shell to the inductive connection, or assembly of products purchased “semi-finished” (circuit boards, monitors, computers) in the case of more complex systems such as complete cabinets or, as an alternative, processed by outside suppliers.

However, Ansaldo STS’s search for increasingly standardised designs and innovation will increasingly lead to an overall reduction in the consumption of raw materials directly and indirectly through a reduced use of components. The use of powerful technological platforms integrating several functions in the same subsystem enable Ansaldo STS to reduce the size of equipment and their connectors, using simple and effective systems for scheduling, testing and roll-out.

The consumption of paper and packaging materials used for shipping is shown below.

Paper [t] 81.9 89.0
Cardboard packaging [t] 316.7 59.2
Wood packaging [t] 359.0 355.5
Plastic packaging [t] 1.7 4.4
Mixed material packaging [t] 2.5 2.5

14 The 2016 data have been recalculated applying a more precise estimation methodology.