Environmental performance

The Reporting Scope considered to process health, safety and environmental performance comprises the 18 sites and offices of Group companies (Pittsburgh, Genoa, Brisbane, Les Ulis, Bangalore, Solna, Batesburg, Naples, Karratha, Riom, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Piossasco, Noida, Tito Scalo, Perth, Madrid and Zaragoza), which represent the most significant sites and employ 91% of the Group workforce.



The Group's production sites are the Tito Scalo site in Italy, the Riom site in France and the Batesburg site in the United States. These sites produce electro-mechanical components and electronic apparatus for rail security, control and supervision systems. Site activities mainly consist of mechanical processing, the treatment of metallic and non-metallic materials, thermal treatments, superficial treatments and applying glue and resins. Activities important from an environmental viewpoint are mainly painting, welding, moulding and cleaning circuit boards using solvent.

  Total areaPlants, storage and warehousesDirt car parks and roadsGreen areas  Employees
mq mq % mq % mq % no.
TITO SCALO 40,000 8,400 21% 7,600 19% 24,000 60% 125
RIOM 17,000 5,610 33% 510 3% 10,880 64% 148
BATESBURG 146,330 19,023 13% 45,362 31% 81,945 56% 219
Total 203,330 32,523 16% 53,472 27% 115,635 57% 492

The three production sites cover a total surface area of 203,330 square metres. The total number of employees is 492 (up 5.1% on 2016). The Batesburg and Tito sites are located in areas that are included in the list of contaminated sites of national interest.


Activities performed at the 15 administrative sites mainly consist of signalling systems design, the analysis of safety, reliability and availability, laboratory testing, contract management and control, research and development, procurement, and prevention and protection. In geographical terms, the locations of office sites are:

  • three in Italy: Genoa, Piossasco (Turin) and Naples;
  • four in Europe: Les Ulis (France), Solna - Stockholm (Sweden), Madrid and Zaragoza (Spain);
  • one in the US: Pittsburg;
  • seven in the Asia Pacific: Brisbane, Perth and Karratha (Australia); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Bangalore, Noida and Kolkata (India).

The non-production sites considered within the reporting scope cover a total surface area of 149,137 m2 and employ 3,350 workers (up 4.3% compared to 2016).

None of the 18 Ansaldo STS sites are subject to the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) directive.