Corporate Governance

Ansaldo STS adopts a Corporate Governance System that is based on the highest standards of transparent business management and fair practice. The system complies with the provisions of law and with the regulatory provisions of CONSOB and Borsa Italiana. It is also in line with the contents of the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies adopted by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. which Ansaldo STS has implemented, and international best practices.

The Corporate Governance System is aimed at maximising value for shareholders, monitoring business risks, transparency with the market and reconciling the interests of all shareholders, with particular attention to minority shareholders.

Ansaldo STS’s Corporate Governance System is based on a traditional model and is composed as follows:


Corporate Governance


The company’s main corporate governance tools today are listed below:



  • By-laws;
  • Code of ethics;
  • Organizational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative decree no. 231/01;
  • Shareholders’ meeting regulations;
  • Board of directors’ regulations;
  • Risk and control committee regulations;
  • Appointments and remuneration committee regulations;
  • Executive committee regulations;
  • Related party transactions - procedure adopted pursuant to article 4 of Consob regulation no. 17221 of 12 March 2010;
  • Procedure for keeping and updating the list of persons with access to privileged information;
  • Procedure for the management and communication of privileged and confidential information;
  • Internal dealing code of conduct.