Italian research projects

As regards projects funded by the Ministry of Research in Italy, the following initiatives are noted:

  • Tesys Rail, whose goal is to define expedient strategies for railway traffic energy optimisation;
  • PON3 through the DATTILO (High-Tech Transport and Logistics District) in Campania and the TOP IN laboratory (Innovative Optical-electronic Technologies) in Campania:
    • the MODISTA project, which deals with innovative solutions for remote monitoring and preventive diagnostics of infrastructures and fleets of vehicles in order to raise their availability, efficiency and safety levels; the project was concluded at the end of June;
    • the OPTOFER project, which covers the application of the innovative optical-electronic technologies for railway infrastructure monitoring and diagnostics; the project was brought to a close at the end of March;
    • the FERSAT project, which studies a railway signalling system suitable for urban environments, based on the innovative use of satellite technologies and their integration with existing technologies; the project was concluded at the end of June;
    • the NEMBO project, which studies and tests highly efficient and innovative embedded systems for railway applications; this project ended at the end of the third quarter.