Protection of human rights

The protection of human rights is considered a very relevant issue by the Company and its stakeholders, as highlighted by the materiality analysis.


Ansaldo STS, despite not having formalised its commitment in a specific policy, applies policies in order to uphold and promote human rights in every context in which it operates, by creating equal opportunities for its people and fair treatment for all - regardless of race, nationality, political creed, religion, gender, age, minority status, disability, sexual orientation, personal or social condition – and always respecting the dignity of each individual and each employee.

Ansaldo STS does not allow nor tolerate the establishment of employment relationships, even by external collaborators, suppliers or business partners, violating the existing legislation on child, woman and immigrant labour, and carefully controls the risks associated with the employment of forced workers. The Company, besides, requires its contractors and subcontractors to ensure the same attention in order to contribute to the elimination of such illegal behaviours.

As regards the respect of human rights in the working relationship, Ansaldo STS offers equal opportunities, ensuring fair treatment on the basis of individual expertise and abilities and hiring people under legal employment contracts, mainly on an open-ended basis, in accordance with laws, national labour agreements, company agreements and current regulations. Ansaldo STS guarantees that its workers are free to join trade unions, and sees that its relationships with the unions are cooperative and friendly, providing mechanisms which enables workers to report their opinions to Human Resources directly or via staff representatives.

The main instrument through which Ansaldo STS guarantees its commitment to respecting human rights is the Code of Ethics, to which members of the governing and controlling bodies, executives and employees - including those of the companies directly or indirectly controlled by the Group – comply. This also extends to all those who enter into contractual relationships which require the observance of certain obligations specified by the Company.

 In 2017 specific training on human rights was provided, involving 32 people for a total of 224 hours of training. No training courses of this kind were provided in 2016.