Promotion of safe and sustainable mobility

G7 Transport Meeting in Cagliari

Ansaldo STS was a key participant in the international transport summit held in Cagliari in June 2017. The meeting was attended by institutional delegates from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK, US and Italy (including the Transport Minister Graziano Delrio) as well as by leading transport companies. The presence of Ansaldo STS was characterised by the presentation of the “Catenary-Free Electric Rail and Tram Transport” project. The initiative, developed in cooperation with Hitachi Rail Italy, was selected as one of the top six “best practices” which were the main focus of the “Nice to meet you G7” meeting held in the buildings of the former Tobacco Factory in Cagliari.

SicurInsieme project

In Genoa, Ansaldo STS sponsored the SicurInsieme project, contributing to the purchase of various granite and concrete bollards aimed at improving security and preventing terrorist attacks. This project received the thanks of the Mayor Marco Bucci in a public ceremony at Palazzo Tursi.

Science Festival 2017

As one of the most significant scientific events at an international level and closely linked to the city of Genoa and the Liguria region, Ansaldo STS once again took part in the Science Festival 2017, reprising its role of sponsor and presenting a stand dedicated to Virtual Reality. This provided visitors with the opportunity to experience travelling on the driverless metro systems developed by Ansaldo STS in Copenhagen, Rome, Honolulu and Riyadh, while seeing the route and admiring the different towns and natural beauty that surrounds these places as though experiencing it first-hand.