Donations and sponsorships

Each year, Ansaldo STS commits to various charitable events, investments in the community and sponsorships. In 2017, total donations and sponsorships amounted to roughly EUR 864 thousand (up 17% on 2016), as shown below by geographical area:



Donations alone totalled EUR 110,756 (up 75.0% compared to 2016) and related to education and young people’s development, health and social welfare, art and culture.



Ansaldo STS has a procedure for sponsorships, advertising initiatives and contributions to associations and bodies that sets out the general principles, scope of application, roles and responsibilities for making decisions and the costs incurred for sponsorships and donations. It checks the party that receives the sponsorship or advertising fee or is given the grant to ensure that they will be able to carry out the related project, that there are no conflicts of interest or convictions for crimes, and that the party does not reside in a tax haven.