Organisational structure

Ansaldo STS is unique in the business it conducts and the projects it delivers. Our industry is considered to play a key role in answering the  demand for better and safer mobility, together with having a key social and  environmental responsibility.

The Ansaldo STS target is to keep growing; in 2018 the Company will evolve  its operating model  according to the vision for the future, in addition to benefitting from being part of Hitachi Group.

Ansaldo STS boasts an integrated, global Organisation capable of providing an adequate response to demand for standardised solutions in the railway transport market and, in particular, the signalling technology market.

Its structure is based on the coexistence of:

  • ORGANISATION: organisational units with specific professional areas of expertise;

Struttura organizzativa

  • TEAM-BASED ORGANISATION: functional teams that aim to achieve an objective in order to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the main business processes: offer, execution, development and innovation.